Deep Time, R-U-Serious?

Was there really an Age of Trilobites and an Age of Dinosaurs? Did we learn about these by direct observation? Dr. Who is still scifi. High School Physics experiments are repeated every day, but we can’t recreate Yosemite in the lab.

Does the Geologic Column (Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian etc.) actually tell us the story of the transformation of life from simple to complex through time?

The rock record, with its included fossils, primarily gives us the record of a significant environmental failure that destroyed the Earth just thousands of years ago (SERGA). Learn more from our latest amazing podcast:

A disaster film actually depicts the catastrophic shifting of tectonic plates which dooms Japan – Japan Sinks (2006, Nihon Chinbotsu). This is scifi, but it is based on real science. This is consistent with Rapid Plate Movements (RPM’s) and Young Earth Science (YES):


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