Is A Young Earth Possible? (IYEP?)

What do Albert Einstein and the geologist Albert Engel have to do with a youthful planet?  Check out our latest podcast to find out:

Who said that we should “clothe our current conclusions regarding time and the earth with humility”?  Our podcast has the answer and is now on iTunes:

Is a young earth possible?  What do you think?  We are compiling comments to possibly be included in our new book.  Please keep these to 200 words or less.  The ones chosen to be published will not be edited.  Also, do us a great favor and state how you want to be identified.  Anonymous entries will not be published.  For example:

“Of course a new earth could be real.  Just go ask Ben Franklin.”

– Jane Smith (Ph.D. Geology)

Asst. Prof. Earth Sciences, Syracuse Univ.

Be sure to get your copy of YES – Young Earth Science today!


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