Dragons are Dinos

John Johnston - Natural History_dragons_1657

Here are some dragons from John Jonston’s Natural History Book of Quadrupeds (1657).  Note how similar these fanciful creatures look to dinosaurs.  Also, this is long before  children began their reading program with books like “My First Big Book About Dinosaurs.”  We make the claim that humans and dinosaurs have coexisted and that the dating methods of “settled science” are in error.

Carl Sagan - Lynn Margulis

What would Carl Sagan say (pictured w/ his 1st wife)?

Could there have been manlike creatures who actually encountered Tyrannosaurus rex?  Could there have been dinosaurs that escaped the extinctions in the late Cretaceous Period?  Could the pervasive dreams and common fears of “monsters,” … be evolutionary vestiges of quite adaptive baboon-like responses to dragons and owls?  (The Dragons of Eden, pp. 150, 151).

This seems like a strange explanation.  If my great great uncle was Handel, does that mean that I know all the notes of the Hallelujah Chorus?  I have written a book showing that the evidence from history and science favors a youthful world as well as human-dino coexistence.  Here’s our latest video, please help us get to a thousand views.

If you search “history of dragons” (w/ quotes) on Amazon you get over 100 books on the topic.  Many of these images from Medieval and ancient times look incredibly like dinos.

“Dragons Are Dinos” (DAD)  =>  spread the word!

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